Turtleback and shellhead

Turtleback and Shellhead are a pair of mutated turtles that the Dinosaucers and Secret Scouts encountered in the swamps.

In order to obtain information of the whereabouts of Crockpot, the stolen dinosaur eggs, and Sara Spencer, The Dinosaucers, along with Dinosaur Dundy, meet with them. The pair of turtles will not give them any information, presumably out of friendship with Crockpot. They pretend to know nothing.

However, they agree to tell the Dinosaucers the information they ask for if they can beat them at a game of chance. Unfortunately, they are a pair of con-artists, who cheat at any game they play. Bronto Thunder became enraged when the trick of how they were cheating was revealed.
Turtleback attack

Turtleback using his entire shell as a weapon

Once they feel threatened, they become hostile and attack the Dinosaucers. Not only do they attack by pulling off parts of their shells and throwing it at the group, but they also can pull their arms,  legs and heads into their bodies and use a slingshot to thrust their whole shells at them as a large projectile.

In the end though, they put aside their differences and live peacefully with Crockpot and Dinosaur Dundy when the two come to an understanding.


  • Dinosaucers was not the only show in 1987 to use mutated turtles-- [Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ]came out the same year but a few days after Dinosaucers' first season ran on television. Whether or not Turtleback and Shellhead were homages to the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic book is unknown.
  • The attack technique where Turtleback pulls his arms, legs and head into his shell and uses his whole body as a flying weapon may be a reference to [Gamera[1]], who has a similar fighting techique.