Tricero (Voiced by Rob Cowan) is a member of the Dinosaucers.

Tricero is an evolved Triceratops. He had a history for doing investigative work back on Reptilon and provides a voice of calm reason, something even Allo praises him for. Tricero was a member of the law-enforcing Triceracops on Reptilon before he became a Dinosaucer.

He also has a vibrational superpower that emanates from his two brow horns like a shockwave. This could due to a resonance chamber embedded in his skull, which makes sound ampilfy and accelerate before being forced out.

He is a mortal enemy to Styraco. Both are ceratopsians, which are dinosaurs with horns and/or frills used to attack, defend and court mates, but are on opposite factions. Tricero states he arrested Styraco back on Reptilon some time before, though the reasons behind the incident are never given.  These all give clues to their dislike of each other.

Tricero, dinovolved into a triceratops

He can dinovolve into a 30 foot or 9 meters long Triceratops, whose horns can chop through nearly anything and whose tail can also inflict serious damage. But his most lethal aspect at this form is his weight, second only to that of Bronto Thunder and able to crush nearly anything standing in his path.

Tricero's spaceship is very similar in color scheme to the uniform he wears. It also very much resembles a triceratops in structure, since the spike-like protrusions from the cockpit makes it look like it has triceratops horns.
Triceros ship

Tricero's ship