The Dino In Red is a figure from Tricero's past.  Her real name and true affiliations are unknown. She is a Camptosaurus.

Tricero was under the assumption that he would never see her again. However, when he returned to Reptilon at the request of Commissioner Stonebone of the Triceracops to locate the Maltese Pterodactyl, he was asked to meet with her.

It is unknown the extent of their relationship, but she and Tricero at one time at least had deep feelings for each other.  She apparently left Tricero's life, saying that "they" made her do it. It is unknown who she was referring to.

It seemed as if she was leading Tricero into a trap and was actually his enemy. However, this turned out to be a ploy so she could get close to The Fat Dino and discover what he and his gang did with the Maltese Pterodactyl. Because of her, Tricero learned that Genghis Rex was really behind the theft. the two of them were able to outwit The Fat Dino and his gang.

Tricero and the Dino in Red

She is last seen in the company of Commissioner Stonebone, perhaps signifying that she really works in some capacity with the Triceracops. Though Tricero could not stay on Reptilon with her as she wished, he seemed to imply that they would meet again.


  • The Dino in Red's name is a reference to the 1979 Gangster film The Lady in Red.