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Styraco’s ship.


Styraco (voiced by Gordon Masten) is a member of the Tyrannos and possesses vicious spikes and horns protruding from his body which can be used as attack and defense. He is also orange-skinned, unlike the red or pink color of his comrades.

He is a Styracosaurus, a horned dinosaur of the ceratopsian lineage which lived at the Late Cretaceous, some 70 to 65 million years ago.

Styraco and Tricero are mortal enemies. They are both ceratopsians on opposing factions. They are very hasty towards each other and are prone to insulting and fighting the moment they see one another. This is implied to have something to do with problems between the two while both were still living on Reptilon and, as the Earth Mission came, they carried their mutual grudge to Earth.

Though not a scientist or inventor, Styraco is a creative thinker and often helps Plesio in dealing with mechanical equipment. He is key to the Tyrannos in dealing with their saucers as it is his job to do the maintenance of their ships. However, he is also prone to violence when pushed too far and may act derangedly for a while if his sanity is pressed too much. He is also very hungry and can devour a patch of forest or greenhouse in a few minutes without even flinching.

He is quite strong but does not like fighting too much, relying more on robots and other kinds of machinery. When left no other choice, however, he battles with all and more of the attitude, fearlessness and power of a furious ceratopsian.