Sara Spencer

Sara Spencer (voiced by Barbara Lynn Redpath) is the blonde-haired, only female member of the Secret Scouts.

She is the the younger sister of Ryan Spencer. She wears a white T-shirt with pink stripes, a blue coat and pink tights. She has blue eyes.

She is quite athletic and informative, often teaching the Dinosaucers about the aspects of the Earth they are unware of. However, these Earth-related notions are often confusing to them.

Perhaps due to her age, even though she can be quite capable, Sara has somewhat of a tendency to get herself into trouble by not thinking things all the way through. Generally she can be level-headed, but can also quite emotional. She can often hold her own against the Tyrannos, but at the same time she has been captured by them and used as a hostage on ocassion.

Sara uses her Secret Scouts Ring

With her ring power, she can strongly boost her physical abilities a little more than that of an Olympic athlete, allowing her to jump at amazing heights, run faster, and be more agile. She is quite adept at dance, and taught several of the Dinosaucers how to dance in a number of episodes. She also has a pet cat named Missy. Of all the Dinosaucers, Sara seems to perhaps be the closest to Bronto Thunder and Teryx. sara has her own archenemy in princess dei



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