Runtasaur is a particularly shifty character from Tricero's past. He is an informant that Triceo had obtained information from in his former work with the Triceracops.

He appears to be an evolved Compsognathus.

When the Maltese Pterodactyl is stolen, Triceo meets with Runtasaur to learn the location of The Dino in Red. Although he leads Tricero to the warehouse she was in, he was actually paid by The Fat Dino to lead Tricero into a trap. He sneaks away as Tricero meets the Dino in Red.


  • His name, Runtasaur, is a reference to the fact that the Compsognathus was among the smallest known species of Dinosaurs.
  • His voice is performed as an impersonation of actor Peter Lorre[.]