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Quackpot (voiced by Len Carlson) is the most comedic member and practical joker of the Tyrannos, much to the ire and wrath of his comrades. For that reason, he is not only disliked by the Dinosaucers, but even more by his own friends.

Quackpot is a Hadrosaurus, a herbivorous lineage commonly called duckbilled dinosaurs that lived throughout the Cretaceous period, the last of the Age of Reptiles, the Mesozoic Era, between 145 and 65 million years ago.

He has a great sense of humor and a devious, though very creative mind. Quackpot often uses this talents to get the Dinosaucers into a lot of trouble, perhaps more so than any other Tyanno. Sometimes, however, he does exhibit compassion. He is definitely not dumb or incredulous as he might first appear to the eyes of another. He is also not completely dependent on Genghis Rex, as he sometimes conducts his schemes separately, often to great effect at first.

Quackpot's ship

On Reptilon, Quackpot was a kid's show host. This affection for children is again shown on Earth when he takes care of Numbskull, the younger brother of Bonehead, while he is away. He also will not harm children. All of these factors hint to some good in this mostly evil-willed being, but aside from this he can be said to be as bad and devilish as one can be.

Quackpot's ship doesn't resemble his uniform very much-- it is mostly pastel colors.  It has a duck-like design overtop the cockpit, making it resemble a hadrosaurus.