Major clifton

Major Clifton (Voiced by Dan Hennessey:) is an Air Force officer and self-proclaimed 'UFO expert' who almost encountered the Dinosaucers a few times.

His goal is to uncover the truth about the Dinosaucers' existence. He suspects that the Secret Scouts know the truth about them. Though Scouts have worked with him at times, they are careful to try to not let him see too much, or confirm if his theories are correct.

Clifton has little information overall about what the "aliens" he knows about are, but he seems fully convinced that they resemble dinosaurs.


Sleeping Booty

Defective Defector

Frozen Furballs


  • Despite the Secret Scouts and Dinosaucers acting like they knew who he was in Episode 11 ("Sleeping Booty"), it was the Major's first appearance on the show. It is unknown what brought the Dinosaucers to his attention.