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Ichy (Voiced by Thick Wilson) is a member of the Dinosaucers.

Among his group, he is undoubtedly one of the most responsible. Despite this, he does have a sense of humor. He likes to toy around with his foes and make fun of them, all of which greatly amuses him and makes it worth it for him to be on the Dinosaucers' Earth Mission. However,  he is also a proud, skilled warrior as well as a versatile fighter.

Ichy is an Ichthyosaurus, a marine reptile comtemporary to the dinosaurs but not related to them. Like his ancestors, he is great at fishing. His favorite meals involve seafood like fish, mollusks and crustaceans.

He is the love interest of Teryx, but she keeps it a secret because she believes him to be too busy to deal appropriatley with it, and also because of their opposing natures; as she is a flying creature and he is an aquatic being. Ichy is seemingly oblivious to her feelings but does display unusual concern, respect and chivalry towards her. The two become closer after he is among the group that saves her, Stego and Sara Spencer after a Tyranno attack. Whether or not the pair formed a formal relationship is unknown, though a few later episodes seem to slightly hint such a relationship may slowly be developing. Ichy seems to get notably jealous when Allo points out Genghis Rex's feelings for Teryx.

Ichy dinovolved to an Ichthyosaurus.

In addition to being a rival for Genghis Rex where Teryx is concerned, Ichy also has a small rivalry with Plesio. This rivalry is nothing close to that between Allo and Genghis Rex.

Ichy's parents, Ebb and Flo, both live on Reptilon.  They are able to contact the Dinosaucers in emergencies, like when the Secret Scouts had been kidnapped and put in a Tyranno museum.

Ichy can dinovolve into a 30 foot or 9 meters long Ichthyosaurus, who has great speed in the water. In this form, he can outswim most other living beings and machines, a trait that may prove essential in an underwater mission whose timing has to be ideal.

Ichy's ship

Ichy's ship also resembles an Ichthosaurus in general shape. It displays a similar color scheme to Ichy's uniform. It is also one of the only Dinosaucers ships that is known to be able to function well underwater.


  • Ichy's name is sometimes mispelled on production materials and merchandise as 'Icky". Though it is indeed pronounced that way, "Ichy" is the correct spelling, to match the name of the prehistoric creature of which he is based.