The Dinosorcerer and Dinosorceress are two elderly dinosaurs who are presently the leaders of Reptilon. They have taken over the planet after the parents of Genghis Rex and Princess Dei were overthrown. They are also respectively the uncle and aunt of Allo, the leader of the Dinosaucers and Mother Bonehilda, the mother of Bonehead. He is a Megalosaurus, and she is a Plateosaurus.

They are extremely skilled and powerful in magic, as shown when they levitate objects and treat deadly diseases that would otherwise likely be incurable. This trait once allowed the Dinosorceress to save the life of Teryx when she was fell by a strange, unknown ailment.

Like their nephew and niece, they are naturally peaceful and kind but are willing to use force, or at least their strong magical powers, to dissuade or discourage their enemies. They also possess a special book called "Book of Reptilian Wisdom", which is able to predict the future at least on the short term. They do not interfere with the Dinosaucers and Tyrannos and want them to solve their quarrel at an arm´s length, much like parents would want children to solve their own pointless skirmish.