Dinosaur dundy

Dinosaur Dundy, real name Joseph Dunderback, is a Paleontologist. He is one of the few humans, outside of the Secret Scouts, to know of the existence of the Dinosaucers.

While working the Florida Swamps, he found million-year old Dinosaur eggs. This caught the attention of Allo, who sent a small group to make contact with him and learn more about the eggs.

However, once they arrive, Dinsoaur Dundy revealed that the eggs were stolen by Crockpot, a mutant crocodile. Some years before, Dundy had been transporting radioative material via water ski, but had an accident when he swerved to miss a baby crocodile.  This caused the radioactive material to leak.. causing several of the creatures in the swamp to mutate and gain the ability to talk.  Dundy had raised this baby crocodile, named him Crockpot and taught him how to speak.

Realizing that Crockpot had only stolen the eggs to gain his attention, Dund
Baby crockpot

Dinosaur Dundy with baby Crockpot.

y gave the dinosaur eggs to the Dinosaucers and Secret scouts, resolving to focus his work on studying the mutated creatures of the swamps.



  • Dinosaur Dundy's name is a reference to the film [Crocodile Dundee]. He is a homage to the title character.