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Dimetro (Voiced by Chris Wiggins) is a member of the Dinosaucers as well as Allo's assistant.

He is the inventor and creator of the group. Most of the mechanical equipment the Dinosaucers have or use is result of his labor. However, quite a number of the inventions found at Lavadome are actually creations of Teryx, who also dabbles in this field. He speaks with a slight scottish accent.

Dimetro is an evolved Dimetrodon, a synapsid reptile that lived long before the dinosaurs and that is actually an ancient relative of mammals. The explanation to why a Dimetrodon would be put into the cast is probably because it looked much like a primitive dinosaur or because it is a saurian like the dinosaurs.

Dimetro's Rep-Tool Belt

His past is only hinted at the episode where the Dinosaucers go back to their old jobs . There, he is a scientist working for an institution on Reptilon. Perhaps due to this past, Dimetro has a very strong desire to learn Earth's methods of science.

Dimetro's main tools are called Rep-Tools, which seem to be able to float. When not in use, they are kept within his Rep-Tool Belt.  The technology that causes them to float is unknown. This ability is useful, but also can cause Dimetro to misplace his tools somewhat easily.

Dimetro, dinovolved into a dimetrodon

He can dinovolve into a large, 9 meter long Dimetrodon, which is actually thrice the size of the true creature. Therefore, devolved he has three times its bulk and strength but retains its speed. Like all Dinosaucers, he is still able to fluently speak whenever and wherever he uses his Dinovolving ability.

Dimetro's ship

Dimetro's ship also has a sail on it, making it resemble a Dimetrodon. It is painted a pale green, and resembles the color of Demtro's skin.