Crockpot is a mutant crocodile that the Dinosaucers encountered in the swamps.

When the Secret Scouts and Dinosaucers made contact with Dinosaur Dundy to learn about the million-year old dinosaur eggs he discovered, the paleontologist informed them that Crockpot had stolen the eggs. Indeed he seems like a true antagonist, as he kidnaps Sara Spencer.

However, Dinosaur Dundy reveals that Crockpot is mostly harmless, and took Sara mostly just to get his attention. Years before, Dinosaur Dundy was carrying radioactive material through the swamps. A baby crocodile was in the path of his water ski, and he swerved to miss it.. accidentally spilling the radioactive material in the process. Thus, the baby crocodile, as well as  a few other reptiles in the swamps, were exposed to this material, mutating them.
Baby crockpot

Dinosaur Dundy with baby Crockpot.

Crockpot was specifically raised by Dinosaur Dundy, who taught him how to speak. Crockpot is jealous of all the time Dinosaur Dundy spends studying his newly-discovered dinosaur eggs. Thus, he feels neglected and desperately tries to gain his attention.

Eventually Crockpot saves Dundy from an attack by Turtleback, and the true nature behind his motivations is revealed. He gets his greatest wish, Dundy's attention, when the paleontologist gives up the dinosaur eggs to the Dinosaucers. Instead, he resolves to spend more time studying Crockpot and the other reptiles of the swamps.

Crockpot laughing at one of his pranks.


  • Crockpot's name is a pun on Crackpot, a term for an eccentric or foolish person. He shares this naming dynamic with the Tyranno member, Quackpot, to whom he also has a lot of similarities with.