Captain Sabertooth and Smilin' Don  are a duo of space pirates.

They are of a mammilian race known as the "Sabertooths". They are a fearsome group of giant anthropromorphic sabertooth tigers who once lived on Reptilon until the combined forces of the Dinosaucers and Tyrannos made them leave their planet. It is unknown if there are more Sabertooths aside from these two or not, though it is seemingly implied in their only appearance.

These two, Captain Sabertooth and his 2nd Mate/lackey, Smilin' Don, hunt for gold and other valuables. This leads them to Earth's "Golden State". While there, they cause massive commotion and panic of the people. They robbed pedestrians and jewlery stores before the Tyrannos and Dinosaucers confronted them. However, their combined might proved to be usless when Captain Sabertooth rendered their fossilzers inoperable.

It wasn't until Sara Spencer used catnip on them to make them "docile" that a "weapon" was found that could stand up to them.  The two were then presumably taken back to Reptilon to be detained.

This duo has a dynamic not unlike Genghis Rex and Ankylo.


Saber-Tooth or Consequences