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Brachio (voiced by Don McManus), is one of the Tyrannos. He is the archetypal thug of the group. Very little is known about him. Brachio is Bronto Thunder's evil counterpart. He is physically the strongest of the Tyrannos but his strength alone is not enough to help him or his faction to beat the Dinosaucers.

Brachio’s ship.

Brachio is a Brachiosaurus, a well-known sauropod dinosaur which for many years was regarded as the largest creature that had ever walked on land. His kind inhabited the Earth some 150 million years ago, at the Late Jurassic.

Brachio is the dumbest of all Tyrannos. Like Bonehead and Stego, he is prone to understanding things literally and takes time to fully comprehend something. That is, if he does. Therefore, most of the time, Brachio either attacks the Dinosaucers single-handedly in a blind rage or remains at Tar Pits either monitoring Dinosaucer activity or doing nothing. However, he is smart enough to realize when he is being tricked or being pulled into a trap at times. Likewise, he sometimes displays more intelligence and reasoning than his comrades.

Brachio is a Tyranno who has never shown any sign of good, implying he is pure evil or simply carries Genghis Rex´s orders to the letter or even does not have time to waste at thinking on plans of his own because he simply would not be able to do them. He also enjoys tormenting and making fun of his enemies, something the other Tyrannos approve and greatly amuse due to their wicked natures.