Bonehlida is the mother of Bonehead, and Allo's sister. She is a scientist and inventor from Reptilon, and an ally of the Dinosaucers.

In addition to Bonehead, she has two other sons-- Lumphead, who is the middle chid (and never appears in the series), and Numbskull, who is the youngest.

Like her son, but unlike her brother, Bonehilda is an evolved Pachycephalosaurus. No reason is given for why she and her brother Allo are not the same type of dinosaur, but perhaps it is that one parent was an allosaurus, the other a pachysephalosaurus.

She had invented a machine to block the Tyrannos from eavesdropping on the Dinosaucers' communications. However, once she and the machine had been captured by the Tyrannos, Bonehilda, Bonehead and Sara Spencer had to destroy her invention to prevent it from being used against the Dinosaucers.

Bonehilda's second color scheme.

Bonehead loves his mother very much and wishes to impress her. So much so, in fact, that he had lied and told her that he, not his uncle Allo, was the leader of the Earth Mission. Thanks to Sara, he eventually told Bonehilda the truth. She in turn, made it clear to him, also due to Sara's intervention, that she loves Bonehead very much and is proud of him regardless.


Mommy Dino-Dearest

The Babysitter


  • Interestingly, in her two appearances in the show, Bonehilda has two separate color schemes. Despite this, her overall design is unchanged.
  • Bonehilda's name is possibly a reference to Brunhilda of Austrasia [[1]]