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Bonehead (Voiced by Marvin Goldhar) is one of the Dinosaucers. He is Allo's nephew, Bonehilda's eldest son and Numbskull's older brother.

He quite constantly gives headaches to his uncle when he tries to think. Like his name would suggest, he is not very bright and often makes grave mistakes by understanding what he is told literally or by not comprehending it at all.

He is a Pachycephalosaurus, a dinosaur that had a very thick skull and probably used it in mating rituals, either displaying it for females or beating their skulls in an all-out duel to submission. If the latter case is true, sometimes the fights even lead to the death of one or both combatants.

Bonehead with Stego

He is prone to panic and running away, but at times shows courage not seen in any other Dinosaucer . He does his best to protect his friends and sometimes even saves the day. He uses the ability to Dinovolve  far more than any other Dinosaucer.

Due to his low intellect, Allo often leaves Bonehead to monitor and watch Lavadome while the others execute the current mission. Though often at base for most of the time, he remains optimistic and cheerful.

Bonehead, dinovolved as a Pachycephalosaurus

He is often seen in the company of Stego during the group's downtimes.

He can dinovolve into a 25 foot or 7.5 meters long Pachycephalosaurus. In this form, he can take down almost anything or anyone by headbutting a foe or moving his tail from side to side to break defenses. He retains his ability to speak, but noticeably his voice becomes a bit lower and more prominent.

Bonehead's ship

Bonehead's ship, like many of the Dinosaucers, has a color scheme that matches his uniform. It somewhat vaguley resembles a Pachycephalosaurus, since a plate appears on the cockpit, making it look like a skull.


  • The male siblings in Bonehead's family are theme named. All of their names are insults meaning the person insulted is of low intelligence.
  • Bonehead is also the only Dinosaucer who's name does not refer back to the dinosaur he is based. His name does, however, refer to an aspect of the pachycephalosaurus; the thick skull.