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Attila Rex (voiced by Len Carlson) is the cousin of Genghis Rex. He is a movie director on Reptilon. Like his cousin, he appears to be an evolved Tyrannosaurus Rex.

He is very motivated by money.  When the Secret Scouts were sold to a Museum on Reptilon by the Tyrannos, Atilla took advantage of the growing popularity of humans on his home planet and had them star in several projects he was making.

As a movie director, Attilla seems to have a skill in dealing with others to obtain what he desires. Thus, he was easily able to persuade his cousin to let him use the Scouts in his pictures, by offering Genghis Rex a role in the film he was working on.

Attilla does not seem to be particularly evil, just greedy. When he is tricked by Allo into releasing the Scouts, he is more amused by it than anything, likening it to the nature of "show business".

Attila at work


The Museum of Natural Humans


  • Similarly to Genghis Rex, Attila Rex is also named after a famous historical warlord. In Attila's case, he is named after Attila the Hun.