Ankylo’s ship.


Ankylo (voiced by John Stocker) is a member of the Tyranno group and assistant to Genghis Rex.

He is an Ankylosaurus, an armored dinosaur whose lineage lived during the Cretaceous Period between 125 and 65 million years ago. He has the best defense among the Tyrannos, a trait which has many times saved his life and hide.

Among his group, he is the most loyal Tyranno to Rex and often comes at him with ideas and suggestions that may solve the fight between the factions without the need of physical punishment by him or his comrades. However, they always fail and are eventually disregarded by his fellow Tyrannos.

He is also good at comforting, influencing and talking his friends out of some situations such as Genghis Rex´s desperate and almost sick attraction towards Teryx and Plesio´s feelings for Nessie, although his advices sometimes do not pay off because of the depth of the situation. He is also the most optimistic of the Tyrannos, always looking forward towards victory no matter what the Dinosaucers may throw at them or how many times their enemies beat them.

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